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NEW Embodiment Sessions

You are on a journey to self, soul, and to uncover the vast gifts within you. Like the Selkie of Celtic mythology who had to reclaim her skin in order to return home, your process of embodiment is one in which you find your voice, wholeness, and creative power. You are on an Otherworld path of discovering your own unique way of being, speaking, loving, and living in the world.

While you may think you’re coming to me for pain, chronic tension, or digestive issues...while you might think you’re here because you’ve been grieving or struggling with anxiety, that’s not what this work really is. Although you’ll likely find answers to those things as well.

Embodiment is about finding your place in the world.

It’s about feeling into your voice, your pleasure, your needs, your skin and bones.

It is a becoming...A journey home.

You and I will weave new ways of being, break down old stories + beliefs, paradigms + patterns that exist within you. You will uncover truths and bring them back into the world.

Immensely powerful, unique qualities, essential to living an embodied life, are buried and preserved in your body, like ancient treasures cast into a bog.

In this Embodiment process, along your Otherworld journey, you may come across your sacred work. 

You might soften hardened edges + brittleness that have kept you trapped in a body that doesn't feel like YOU. 

You could bump up against your darkest shadows, your own fiery ferocity, or deepest, most hidden emotions.

Your body speaks in its own unique way. During these sessions, I'll guide you to let your bodysoul speak. Our job is to listen, follow + understand this language using tools:

  • Visionary work
  • Movement
  • Energy work
  • Guided journeying
  • Talking to/through your energetic, emotional body

It's likely these sessions will be a combination of ecstasy, grief, joy, A-HA moments, clarity, confusion, and everything in between. Developing a relationship with your body and its immense capacity to feel is the most profound path to both self-awareness and fully immersing in what it is to be human.

How is it possible for the body to give us so much insight to the human + soul experience?

I'll give you the secret before we even begin...

Everything you'll ever need is already inside you. Shall we dive in to discover these ancient treasures within?