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Shamanic Craniosacral Sessions

Craniosacral Work in Eugene, Oregon

These sessions provide a shift in consciousness, a container to heal your emotional body and re-member your self

Some conditions we can work with together are physical...

  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Recovery from an injury or surgery
  • Back + Joint Pain
  • Chronic exhaustion or adrenal fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Digestive disorders
  • Insomnia

And some may be at the Soul level...

  • Soul loss
  • Unresolved emotional or life experiences
  • Disordered eating
  • Feeling stuck/stagnant in old patterns and/or relationship dynamics
  • Times of transition
  • Addiction
  • Feeling disconnected, shut down, or withdrawn from your deeper self and your sacred work
Katie has a unique talent for embodiment of the body, mind, and spirit so necessary for the healing process. With her sensitivity, open heart, and gentle touch, she skillfully reminds the body/mind what it’s like to feel aligned, balanced, and free from pain. After several cranial-sacral visits with her not only did I find relief from my chronic neck stiffness, my entire body felt more fluid and relaxed. – C. Woodman

How does it work?

Put simply, I listen to my client's bodysoul through my hands and respond with healing touch. Together we explore the way your physical body holds energy, emotion, even trauma and shadow aspects. Often our bodies and their physical symptoms are reflecting something going on at a deeper, more subtle level: the soul. I call this connection between mind-body-soul the Dreambody.

Working with the Dreambody is potent and incredibly healing. It is one way we have of connecting with the body's wisdom, intuition, and instinctive nature to release these stuck patterns and old stories. This work is rooted in shamanic consciousness and embodied awareness so that you experience your physical body in a much more profound way. Through this process, we retrieve and integrate pieces of your soul that have been lost and you re-member yourself.

Your sessions may include:

This is ancestor work. Soul retrieval. energy work. 

"Having craniosacral work from Katie was, literally and metaphorically, a deeply moving experience. Katie utilizes her vast wisdom to create a highly personalized healing experience. In this session, I was being treated for a chronic painful lower back issue. During our single treatment, Katie was able to bring complete relief, and, months later, I'm still pain free, and I've noticed subtle energy shifts as well, all rooted in that second chakra. This is powerful, grounded magic and I highly recommend her services to all!" - Jessie

Here's the thing...

This work can move long-standing energetic and emotional blocks, and can even create the space for healing deep traumatic wounds. AND we do this work in communion, not codependency. I don't heal you. I help you remember your own power, wisdom, and magic so that, ultimately, your bodysoul remembers what wholeness feels like. 

Sessions are 75 minutes

$80 per session

4 Sessions for $280

*Please note, I only do this work in person. If you don't live in Eugene, Oregon and you'd like to work virtually, please check out my Embodiment Sessions. If you need to cancel, please do so within 24 hours. Otherwise you will be charged for the session.