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Embodied Creative Self Expression: The Heroine's Journey

Wild One,

Are you craving deeper connection and intimacy with your inner Wild Woman? Are you interested in diving into more of your own creative embodied self-expression? Did you know embodiment practices and the creative process are deeply intertwined and supportive of each other? That the mythic Heroine's Journey of initiation and transmutation can guide you to tune into your Soul's creative voice?

Themed around embodiment, tapping into and witnessing your own creativity, unleashing your self-expression, and how that process mirrors the mythic heroine's journey, this online group program is a collaboration between myself and fellow Wild Mystic, Lindsey O'Neill. Our intention for these 9 weeks is to guide you in your own journey of initiation, descent, exploration of the underworld, and reintegration upon your return. 

What's included in this 9-week virtual journey?

  • Guided journaling and creative prompts
  • Weekly fireside chats via conference + video calls
  • Work with the specific archetypes of the Tarot that support the Heroine's Journey
  • Creative self-exploration
  • Mytho-poetic suggested readings that can support your creative + embodiment processes
  • Virtual space to share your creations, chat about the creative process, and commune with your fellow Heroines
  • A 20-25 minute guided meditation/yoga/visualization practice to use as part of your creative process
  • Creative Heroine connections to take with you back into the topside world after your wilderness journey

{We begin on February 23}

Want to hear more about Creative and Embodiment practices? Curious about the Heroine's Journey and the process of initiation? Check out the recording of a special call we hosted:

Ready to sign up? You have two options:

One payment of $163

Two payments of $81.50