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Embodied Rituals for Skin + Soul

Harvest Time + the Magic of Lughnasa

Katie Gordon

Since the last Wild Medicine Bundle came out for Midsummer, we've moved houses, opened a little brick and mortar shop for the apothecary, got engaged, I joined some other truly amazing women in the Earth Keepers Council, and I finished my 500-hr therapeutic yoga teacher training. To say it's been a busy few months is a HUGE understatement. 

You know those moments when you think the craziness will never end?

Rationally, you know it will, but there's a primal part of you that thinks it'll feel like this forever. In those moments, small rituals keep me grounded. Sacred moments like brewing a cup of tea, taking my time in the shower to feel the warm water on my skin, getting ready for bed, even washing the dishes.

The dust is settling now, and just in perfect divine timing for Lughnasa.

Lughnasa (pronounced LOO-nuss-uh) is a Celtic harvest festival (the first of the season) celebrated on August 1 and named for the god Lugh, who has been likened to the Roman god Mercury. It's the first time when people could really slow down for a moment, gather together, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and celebrate making it through one of the busiest times of the farming year. 


For me, the medicine of the harvest is slow medicine.

It's a return to my natural pace where I can take a little extra time with my morning cup of tea. It's a reconnection with those rituals that remind me where I am in time and space. It's the medicine that comes from the St. John's Wort oil that's been infusing for over a year and strained out under the Dark Moon in Leo. It's the time spent lingering over a meal with close friends and family. It's the medicine of your freshly sun-dried clothes after spending an afternoon on the clothesline. And it's taking an evening to cook a meal, light your beeswax candles, and revel in all you've managed to create, move, finish, paint, unpack, and arrange.

Deep magic comes when we allow ourselves to not only slow down, but to move at our unique pace. This slowness allows our creativity, our wisdom, and our insight to bubble up from somewhere deep within our bones. We're able to plug back into our fuel source, our well of inspiration. 

This deep magic is where the Lughnasa Wild Medicine Bundle was born from and is sure to inspire.  Crafted from Oregon Blackberries, St. John's Wort, and old world botanicals like Rosemary, Thyme, and Sage, each item in the bundle is a small ritual to help you tap into the deep, slow burn of your inner source of Light, your inner Sun.

Join the Lughnasa Medicine Keepers and purchase your bundle by July 20 for a discount, an e-book, extra recipes for potions that didn't make it into the bundle, and an opportunity to win the next bundle for free!