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Wild Rose: At the Heart of Wholeness


Embodied Rituals for Skin + Soul

Wild Rose: At the Heart of Wholeness

Katie Gordon

This Spring has been a time of big growth and profound synchronicities. It seems as soon as I wonder how something is going to work, an answer makes itself known. I hold the same trust for our human tribe. That while we're wondering how we'll get to the other side of the mess we find ourselves in, we know there is another side. 

At the same time, we all experience this incredibly deep and at times pervasive emotion: fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being hurt (physically or emotionally). Fear of unlived potential. Fear that we're doing it wrong. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of our darkness. Fear of our light. And that's okay. It's just one of the many beautifully complex things that makes us all human and able to relate to one another. 

Sometimes, though, that fear causes us to close off ourselves and our hearts. We put up walls to protect ourselves from being seen because that fear makes us vulnerable. At one point in your life, and maybe still, it was necessary to protect yourself. Our bodies & psyches have an amazing ability to advocate for and protect us. But sometimes, what was once necessary to keep us safe on one level or another gets ingrained in us as a pattern that doesn't serve us anymore. 

This fear response is a pattern I've been working with a lot. The impulse to close off and shut down, especially when my heart is involved, can be so strong sometimes. When I feel that impulse, Rose is my medicine to soften around the edges and tap into my deeper, wiser, inner fire.

Photo by Adarsh Ik

Photo by Adarsh Ik

I've heard Rose referred to as "heart healing," but I think it's not so much about healing, our hearts are always whole after all, as it is about reminding us of our nature. Rose is a heart salve. It calms as it brings us back to our truth and back to ourselves in moments when we forget that we're already whole. Rose teaches us about discernment. About when it's necessary to protect ourselves and when that sense of contraction is coming from an old wound and is an opportunity to re-member a part of ourselves. 

This year, the Midsummer Wild Medicine Bundle features Wild Rose and Hibiscus: herbs to calm, cool, and soothe {heart} heat, as well as an overheated, overstimulated body and nervous system. With touches of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, and Ginger. As Summer Solstice is a fire festival, the bundle will explore fire magic and the medicine that the element of fire brings. In Chinese medicine, fire is associated with the heart, so we'll explore the physical and energetic heart, what it means to "heal" the heart, and what role plants have in the process of re-membering ourselves.

Order your Wild Rose + Hibiscus Wild Medicine Bundle by June 8th to be in the Midsummer Wild Medicine Keepers. In addition to getting your bundle for the discounted price of $50, you'll also get:

  • an e-book with a write up of each item, recipes for that I've tested but didn't make for the bundle, and a recorded audio/visual meditation to connect more deeply with the plant spirit medicine of Wild Rose
  • behind-the-scenes communication with pictures and sneak peeks into the medicine bundling process
  • an additional surprise gift to use in your Midsummer celebrations and help you connect with the Fire medicine of the season
  • a chance to win the a spot in the Wild Medicine Keepers for the following Wild Medicine Bundle (Lughnasa)

Curious about what might be included in the bundle? Read more here.