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Embodied Rituals for Skin + Soul

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Why I dress up to work at home...

Katie Gordon

Photo by Cori Barnick

Here's a little known fact about me - When I was a kid, I was ALWAYS dressed up.  I refused to wear pants or shorts until I was 6 years old (at which point I went to a school with a uniform consisting of polo shirts and navy blue shorts...not cute).  I had more than one pair of sparkly red shoes at any given time and I only wore dresses with skirts that went out flat when you twirled around.  I had a bow or ribbon to match every outfit.  I wore ruffly socks (obviously).  I showed up to one of my mom's parties in a green and gold sparkly tutu.  You get the idea.  Maybe it's the Leo in me that at some level loves to be the center of attention, or maybe it's just that I've always liked shiny, sparkly things that stand out.

At some point, I decided dressing up was a waste of time.  I figured there are so many things that are more important than clothes and how someone looks.  We shouldn't judge people by their appearance anyway, right?  Plus nice clothes are expensive!  So when I first started working more from home or seeing bodywork clients I thought, "This is great!  I can stay in PJ's or yoga pants all day, I don't have to wear shoes, put on make up or do my hair!"  BUT I also get much less done, I feel frumpy, disconnected and distracted, out of my flow, and like the day never really starts.  Not to mention that I have SO MUCH make up (I go through a phase every year, usually around this time, where I get semi-obsessed with Sephora), and I'm still a sucker for cute dresses.  It's made me realize something that I already knew back when I was 5 -- putting time and effort into anything sends a signal to our spirit that whatever that thing is, it's special, valuable, true, and worth our time and effort.

It's not about materialism, or needing to have stuff to make us feel good, or valuing ourselves based on our appearance.  It IS about allowing yourself to feel what/how you want to feel, creating space and getting inspired to do the work you're on this earth to do by taking your time, and taking care with yourself.  Don't get me wrong, we all need those days where we stay in our jammies, watch movies, lounge under the covers, and give ourselves space from the outside world.   How might it feel, though, for those of us who work at home or in a more casual environment, to put that effort into how we show up for ourselves?  What message does it send to ourselves when we approach our morning routine with playfulness rather than the "whatever no one's gonna see me today anyway" attitude?