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Embodied Rituals for Skin + Soul

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Pandora in Leo

Katie Gordon

Artist: Odilon Redon ca. 1914

Artist: Odilon Redon ca. 1914

I am Pandora. 
I tried closing the jar once it was open,
but couldn't. 
I can't take it back,
and don't want to.
And, I wouldn't even if I could.

Those ills are gifts to humanity.
That darkness brings wisdom, deep love, 
such beauty.

That box of darkness
gifts us with the full spectrum
of what it means to be human.
Blood, love, desire, soul, fate.

Darkness is our life blood.

Fuck all you thought you knew.
Fuck your comfort, your togetherness, your perfection.
Fuck your purity, expectations, assumptions. 

Your Clear Heart matters.
Your authentic, messy voice matters.

Listen to Your Voice.
That of Soul, of Earth.
The voice of Red.


Katie Gordon

I've been craving the wild, deep forest.
Past the edge,
the point where you question continuing on.
The point when you begin to feel deeply the beat of your heart...
in rhythm with your feet.
Your feet turn to paws.
Ears prick up.
The outer sensory layer of your body softens to take. in. everything.
Through the threshold of maybe, potentially turning back.
Deeper and deeper until you are safe once again because you are at home.
At center.
At core.
And you find your howl once again.
Your body hasn't forgotten how to move, run, hunt.
You just had to re-member. To come back home.