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"Having craniosacral work from Katie was, literally and metaphorically, a deeply moving experience. Katie utilizes her vast wisdom to create a highly personalized healing experience. In this session, I was being treated for a chronic painful lower back issue. During our single treatment, Katie was able to bring complete relief, and, months later, I'm still pain free, and I've noticed subtle energy shifts as well, all rooted in that second chakra. This is powerful, grounded magic and I highly recommend her services to all!" — Jessie, Eugene, Oregon

“Having Katie in my community has lightened my heart. Learning, discussing, and exploring plant medicine, shamanism, and all things Goddess with Katie is so fun. She brings her passion with her everywhere she roams. I have found the Wild Mystic Mentorship to be a beautiful playground where I can explore ways of being–ritual, plant-crafting, meditation with a community of women who support each other. Oh, another thing, we play. To be a Wild Mystic is to dig deep into our experience on this Earth, clean out the cracks, and maybe even fall apart a little. And then we play, we play ourselves back into being.” — Jill Lawrence, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Healer at The Feel Good Business

“Empowered grace and inspiration to take a leap of faith in myself and the life I want to lead. That is what Wild Grace has given me. Wild Grace has given me the space and opportunity to be vulnerable and be my full self in a welcoming supportive environment. I have found more of my inner voice and have felt more confident in owning my truth. Joining the Wild Mystic Mentorship was an amazing investment in myself and I’m thankful for the other women I’ve come to know from it. Their stories continue to inspire me. I’m thankful to Wild Grace for all of this.” — Kristin Kissell, Health Coach + Dance Educator at Radiant Heart Coaching

“Katie Gordon is a brilliant, eclectic, think out side of the box kind of gal! Ohh and quite the amazing healer! Katie recently spoke at the 2013 Revolutionary Living Telesummit discussing her revolutionary work in the Yoga/Health Coaching/Body work realms and her presence was astounding. Katie brings not only deep passion and grace with her voice and presence but she also brings years of experience, learning from the best in her field! Katie is someone that brings forth amazing insight and heart in every single thing she takes on! She is someone you definitely want on your team whether it be for your own personal growth or for masterful content and passion in her field of work! I feel extremely honored to know Katie as a friend and colleague!” — Kimberly Jackson, Co-founder of The Revolutionary Living Institute & Founder of Extraordinary Health

“I would highly recommend Katie to anyone who is looking for someone who truly cares about helping others. Katie is a natural healer dedicated to her art and ready to learn. I experienced her sessions knowing she was giving 100% of her attention to being present.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity of working together as her client.” — Summer, Newport Beach, CA

“I met with Katie to get my first cranio-sacral massage for neck and jaw pain and could not have been more impressed. After just one session I felt a noticeably positive difference! Not only that, but she followed up with me the next day to see how I was feeling physically and emotionally. If you are looking for cranio-sacral work in the Boston area I would highly recommend Katie!” — Stefanie, Boston, MA

“Katie is a humble yogi that favors the calming and stilling of the mind rather than the straining and contorting of the body. Her fascination with human physiology shines as she guides her students through both challenging and alternative poses. At the conclusion of Katie’s journey, I feel my spirit lifted, my practice improved; and my body relaxed.” — Waleed, Irvine, CA