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Embodiment Sessions

cultivate a free body and a clear heart

I believe that mindfulness offers a powerful lens through which we can heal physical and emotional wounds. That your body is the portal to the soul and psyche. That the most profound path to healing is through your body. By setting the stage in the right way, inviting you to have an experience with your body, the re-entry, re-association, re-membering is possible and incredibly healing.

This is soul retrieval. Somatic re-education.

Embodiment Sessions are one way we begin reconnecting and healing the relationship between the body and psyche.

This might be for you if:

  • You have heightened levels of anxiety or you're highly sensitive.
  • You end up feeling anxious, disconnected, or frustrated with your meditation practice.
  • You have chronic, repetitive motion injuries, achy joints, headaches, or neck/jaw pain.
  • You're recovering from an injury or surgery.
  • You have heightened interoception, meaning a strong sense of your physical body. You can feel your heartbeat, you notice all sorts of sensations in your body, and you probably notice how you're affected by different foods.

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