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Mystic Rose Twig Tea Blend


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Mystic Rose Twig Tea Blend

mystic rose puerh.jpg
mystic rose puerh.jpg

Mystic Rose Twig Tea Blend


>> A wild + earthy tea blend <<

Twig tea, or Kukicha, is harvested from the carefully-aged twigs and stems of the tea plant. After the correct aging, the twigs are toasted, providing a light, earthy flavored tea. 

Rose, otherwise known as the Water Goddess, is a universal symbol of the feminine. Its connection to the feminine and the water element help us to address areas of sexuality, self-nurturance, self-esteem, and sensuality. How to experience our bodies and our selves with love and compassion by engaging with feeling, rather than thinking. 

A favorite medicine of the heart, rose also provides nurturance in times of grief, heartbreak, betrayal, and loss. Energetically, this blend of botanicals allows you to become vulnerable and tender in place of hurt and anger, fostering compassion and forgiveness.

Organic ingredients: Kukicha tea, rose petals, holy basil, cardamom.

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