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Singing Over the Bones Incense Blend


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Singing Over the Bones Incense Blend

singing over the bones.jpg
singing over the bones.jpg

Singing Over the Bones Incense Blend


>>An incense blend to assist in your soul retrieval work <<

Named for La Loba, the wise old woman who sings over bones in order to bring a being back to life, this handcrafted loose incense of white copal, myrrh, pine, cedar, and white sage was created with a clear intention: to sing those lost parts of our soul back home. To sing ourselves back to life. 

White copal is AMAZING for clearing space of negativity, stagnation, or any kind of illness. Together, these plants have the power to catalyze, ground, and transmute old, stagnant, negative energies resulting from past events that are blocking us from fully embracing and loving all those parts of ourselves that have been lost or cut off.

This blend has been infused with the energy of selenite, citrine, tangerine quartz, and amethyst to assist in gaining clarity around past events and relationships so that you can embody the wisdom they hold and move on with compassion, self-empowerment, and shine as your full, bright, ALIVE self!

To use: Light a coal (preferably one made without chemicals), set it in a holder made of a material that won't burn, such as stone or ceramic, sprinkle incense on top of the coal. 

I use this blend with clients, in meditation, and during other rituals concerning soul retrieval or healing past traumas.

NOTE: The 3 of Swords in this picture is from The Wild Unknown deck, which I love and use ALL the time! Her website is - check out her artwork + tarot fun!

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