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Wild Medicine Bundle

My intention for creating these Wild Medicine Bundles is to aid you in honoring the Earth’s rhythms and cycles of nature, as well as feeling into the way those cycles are reflected in myth and archetypal forces that we see at work in our own psyches.

++ An invitation ++


The intention behind the Wild Medicine Bundles is to provide a portal to explore seasonal medicine, plant spirits & elemental magic. As well as to offer 5 seasonal items at wholesale prices.

How do the bundles work?

Each quarter + cross-quarter, I choose a few bioregional plants to craft 5 products which explore both the magic of the particular plants as well as the elements, mythology, archetypes surrounding these ancient rites. 

These medicine bundles contain things like bath + body care, herbal syrups, teas, elixirs, room sprays, perfume oils, anointing oils, incense, and skin care to meet your seasonal body/spirit's needs*

The Imbolc Wild Medicine Bundle is a collection of embodied rituals help you connect with the energy of this season: conception. This is the time of year when seeds are planted, ideas sparked. Now is when the ground beneath your feet begins to hum and buzz with life. How do you embody this energy? 

This bundle is an exploration of aromatic nervines: Rosemary, Thyme + Lavender, as well as Blue Vervain. Plants for nourishment, initiation, and awakening.

The Wild Medicine Bundle contains 5 products, one for each element:

  • Air - a ritual room + body spray
  • Fire - a large beeswax candle
  • Water - a seasonally-inspired tea blend
  • Earth + Spirit are both mystery items

A $75 value, receive the Wild Medicine Bundle at a discounted rate of $50 through January 25 and $60 thereafter. 

As a Medicine Keeper for the bundle, you receive:

  • an e-book with descriptions and uses for each item, plus additional recipes and ideas for working with seasonal plants.
  • a recorded, guided journey.
  • 10% off the apothecary for the rest of the season

Medicine Keeper bundles will be sent out on January 29 and orders must be placed by January 25.

Past Bundles:

Samhain 2017 :: Artemisia, Vetiver + Pumpkin - Medicine for the thinning veils + ancestor communion
Mabon 2017 :: Tulsi + Yarrow - Medicine for Boundaries + Earth Magic
Lughnasa 2017 :: St. John's Wort + Harvest Magic - Blackberry + Old World Botanicals to celebrate the Sun
Midsummer 2017 :: Wild Rose + Hibiscus - Cooling + Calming herbs for skin and soul
Beltane 2017 :: Elderflower + Mint - Spring Medicine for the Sacred Marriage
Ostara 2017 :: Irish Moss + Violet - Medicine for your Inner Waters
Imbolc 2017 :: Lavender + Labdanum - Stoke your Heart Fire

++ Testimonials ++

"As always, perfection! I always look forward to any goodies from Wild Grace, and the extra added suspense of what exactly will be in the medicine bundles makes it all the more exciting."

"This bundle is so beautiful and creative. So much care and love in each offering. I can't wait for the next one!"

"This apothecary bundle was made with love for the Autumn Equinox. My favorite item Katie made is the Berry Harvest Spiced Rum Syrup, delightful!"