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365 21st Street
Springfield, OR, 97477

Craniosacral work in Eugene, Oregon


Wild Grace: Embodied Rituals for Body + Soul


Our bodies are incredibly wise. They're always advocating for us, teaching us, guiding us. And yet, we still see them as injured, "bad", dysfunctional, and sick. In truth, they're guiding us back to health.

We know this innately, but we've simply forgotten. We become disconnected from our embodied wisdom. We've forgotten what it's like to listen, feel, hear, know, and recognize those messages that arise from within, bubbling up to the surface in so many varied forms.

My work is to help people re-member. To guide them back into the place of listening, receiving + honoring that instinctual wisdom, born out of the Earth, Sky, the four elements, and the deep connection bringing us all together and connecting all life.

"Be still and know..."