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Sacred Embodied Blog

Day 11: Speaking with your Dreambody

Katie Gordon

Today we're deep-diving into Dreambodywork!

That's a fancy way of saying you'll be sensing your body sensations and allowing them to direct the way in which you move. Dreambodywork serves multiple purposes, the first of which is what's called process-work in psychology, inviting the body to process and move through undigested experiences that are lodged in the unconscious. 

In this way, dreambodywork is also a channel for Spirit, or the unconscious. You'll use your Second Attention to access your dreambody and allow it to direct the way in which you live, work, love, and "become a warrior on the path of heart".

Day 11.jpg

Your "Second Attention" is your awareness of synchronicities, accidents, slips of the tongue, coincidences. Those things that momentarily call to you before you go back to your normal everyday living. 

Let's give it a try...

Recall a dream you've had recently. Note the feeling that was most memorable in the dream. Which part of the dream was this feeling?

Now put the dream aside and note what sort of body experience you are feeling in this moment.

You may be having two experiences, one common to you and one unknown. Try to isolate the less common body experience, the one that is unknown, undesirable, or difficult. Take time to perceive it.

Using your {second attention}, focus upon this lesser known body experience. Let this experience evolve. Get into it; feel it first. Then experiment with expressing this feeling with your hand. Let your hand move a little. Exaggerate your motion until you find out where it's going. 

If the resulting experience reminds you in some way of a part of your dream, you may now understand your dream better. This movement experience mirrors the feeling in the dream and is a momentary experience of your dreambody.

Swing back and forth between paying attention to your normal body experience and your normal identity and paying attention to this new experience found in your dreambody. Practice going in and out of your dreambody.

You're welcome to share your thoughts below or in our Facebook group. Insights + wisdom from within is medicine for everyone!