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Sacred Embodied Blog

Day 10: Draw On the Right Side of Your Brain

Katie Gordon

Have you ever read the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain?

My dad gave me a copy while I was in the heart of recovering from an eating disorder. I had never been so disembodied, so disconnected from my center and my Self. But at the same time, I knew that healing would be found by going inward. I heard the call. 

I started working through the various activities in the book and this is the one that has stuck with me.

Day 10.jpg

What I love most about this exercise is that it asks you to give up control over an outcome and feel into how your inner eye, imagination, and intuition speak.  

Find any piece of paper (not too small as you want to have plenty of space) and a pen or pencil. 

Close your eyes and imagine a feather. It can be any feather, any color, any size. With your eyes closed, draw the feather on your piece of paper. 

Let go of what it'll look like when you open your eyes. Take your time using your inner eye to examine and flesh out all the details of this feather. You're not trying to create a masterpiece, you're connecting with your ability to "see", visualize, and giving yourself over to your imagination. 

Once you feel complete, open your eyes. Before looking at the image you drew, take a moment to notice the state of your nervous system. How do you feel in your body? Can you feel your heart? What is your presence like?

You're welcome to share your thoughts below or in our Facebook group. Insights + wisdom from within is medicine for everyone!