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Sacred Embodied Blog

Day 9: Art + Sensuality

Katie Gordon

Do you remember finger-painting when you were young?

If you were to close your eyes, could you still feel the cool paint between your fingers and the way your hands would glide across a big sheet of paper?

Photo by  Amaury Salas  on  Unsplash

Photo by Amaury Salas on Unsplash

A friend and mentor of mine, Kathleen Prophet, reminded me of how child-like, primal, and sensual it feels to make art with your hands during her Embodied Astrology Rituals. It brings you right into your body, feeling, smelling, sensing, touching, creating from the unconscious.** 

Today, set aside some time to create with your hands. 

It can be anything.

Photo by  Quino Al  on  Unsplash

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

You can use paint, clay, ashes. Perhaps you blend an herbal tea or knead a loaf of bread or roll out dough for cookies.

It's all art. Let it be about the process of making than it is about the finished product. 

Notice how whatever medium you're using feels in your hands. What's the temperature? The texture? Smell? 

How do your hands want to move? Do they get warmer or cooler as you weave your magic?

What memories or experiences does it invoke? 

How does it feel throughout your whole body to be in the process? What do you sense in your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies?

You're welcome to share your thoughts below or in our Facebook group. Insights + wisdom from within is medicine for everyone!

**If you're interested in exploring more of Kathleen's work, particularly around Embodied Astrology, join her Facebook group (Astro Mysterium) here. She's got all sorts of INCREDIBLE free content, and will be hosting a free virtual Lilith ritual next week.