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Day 7: Awakening Your Inner Visionary

Sacred Embodied Blog

Day 7: Awakening Your Inner Visionary

Katie Gordon

Today, we're combining a bit of anatomy with some visionary work to explore (in my humble opinion) the coolest bone of the human body. 

This is a head-on view of your Sphenoid bone...

Day 7.jpg

This lovely, bird-shaped bone has actual wings that move with your breath and your cranial rhythm! 

As you see here, your Sphenoid bone (in purple) is right at the center of your skull, like the keystone of your cranial bones:


When you inhale, it tips forward as if it is nodding. When you exhale, it moves back. As you can see here, it almost looks as if it is flying:

In the video below, the Sphenoid is the bone in the middle. Watch the way the Sphenoid bone and the Occipital bone (the large one to the far right) move together:

In terms of bone energetics, the Sphenoid is the bone of clear vision, associated with the inner eye, perception, and sight. Like an owl is able to see, perceive, and hunt in the dark, your Sphenoid is able to perceive the visible and invisible when it moves and functions optimally. It is the center of your inner knowing, your intuition. 

When you have a pretty clear idea of the way the sphenoid bone moves, find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and invite your own sphenoid to move with your breath. 

Inhale it nods forward, exhale it relaxes back. 

Can you begin to visualize that movement within your own skull?

If so, can you start to feel your own sphenoid bone moving, ever so subtly?

Does it move on one side more than the other, or does it feel fairly even?

If one side feels a bit stuck, without forcing it invite it to move with your breath. 

What happens? What do you see?

With your Sphenoid bone moving somewhat fluidly, consider this:

When you "just know" something, where in your body do you feel it? Perhaps your belly, your chest, your throat, or somewhere in your skull. 

Now begin to tune in to the physical + energetic connection between that place where you "just know" and your Sphenoid bone. Do you sense a connection between them? If so, what is it?

You're welcome to share your thoughts below or in our Facebook group. Insights + wisdom from within is medicine for everyone!